Schools / Colleges / Universities / Organizations and Charities

There are a few ways we can provide service to the educational community. We can offer logistical, accommodation and meal support for your trip.

One of our most satisfying services is working with Organizations such as schools & colleges that come to Africa to do research of their own or often they come to help fellow students with education and sports.

When seeing firsthand the interaction between the children in the class room and out on the playing field is a truly wonderful experience.
We have been privileged to work alongside wonderful schools from around the world.

Often raising money they come to Africa and tour the schools they support, while on the tour they sit in and assist with class room work and also help to organize school sports events where all participate.

Whilst doing tremendous work building and supporting schools, they get to take in the culture and experience the real Africa, as well as doing some of the best safari drives in the region.

Schools & colleges from around the world help with building classrooms, supplying pens, books, blackboards etc.
Usually booked in the school holiday season, trips last anything from week to four weeks.

We can provide schools in East Africa that are looking for help and also put you in touch with organizations or schools direct if you are looking to sponsor children