Projects Assistance

Liz Kirby

The company was started due to the need of a quality and reliable service that can support wonderful people and organizations that wish to come to Africa to help where they can..

Areas where we can assist

» All areas of project development
» Finding people/places that you can assist
» Logistics/accommodation
» Itinerary and trip planning
» Interviewing children for help in sponsorship
» Safaris, games drives whilst on tour
» Fully equipped 4x4 & Over-lander truck support
» Support team and crew – Tour leader, translators, driver mechanics, safari chefs, guides, helpers etc.

How it works (But not always)

Most of our clients come to us by word of mouth, however you may have found us we usually start by finding out what you yourself need to accomplish. You may be here on your own looking to help anyway you can or you may be part of an organization (School, charity, University, Club, Company) wishing to do good, perhaps fund raising for a specific project or utilizing skills you may have to assist in development.

Everyone can help in some way, often one of the best ways of assisting is just by being there and socializing with the villages, schools etc. Children especially gain much by mixing with kids of similar ages talking, learning new games and playing.

Past & Current Projects :

» School building
» Making benches. Tables, shelves
» Solar power installations
» Water tanks and guttering projects
» Tree planting
» Diagram painting for teacher assistance
» Sponsorship interviews
» Class helpers
» Teaching sports

» Vehicle maintenance
» Yogurt preparation and packaging
» Women’s group skills
» Dam and water harvesting
» Sports field construction
» Arranging fun sports days
» Teaching and advising hygiene
» Wildlife conservation projects

Once your project/community work and itinerary has been developed it would be unusual to come to Africa and not experience the wildlife, we have many parks, reserves and conservancies which can be visited and even camped in for that wilderness experience. Depending upon your itinerary we can visit different sites, sometimes we may even be able to take part in research in a conservancy depending on what you want and the time we have.