Private Trip Planning

Things you need to consider and things we need to know when planning your trip

Most things in the list below can be estimated, we can be more accurate later in the planning stage.

  • When are you thinking of travelling?
  • How long for? 
  • How many people and their ages?
  • What things are you looking for? Animal safari, birds, walking, cycling, mountains, lakes, beaches, local culture.
  • What type of trip is it? e.g. family holiday, bird watching club, research trip, honeymoon, educational, charity etc.
  • Accommodation type - Tents, hotels, lodges mixture?
  • We will assist in any way we can once we have an idea of what you are looking for
  • You can gain ideas from this site and other sites then we can develop the trip from there.

Once you can answer a few of these questions we can start putting together itineraries for you to consider.