Kupenda Africa - Client Reviews

A few of our raw client reviews :

1"What can I say about Grace and Jason? I wouldn't want to travel Africa with anyone else! Grace has amazing local knowledge, seems to speak every possible language, and knows someone in every place you stop! If you aren't her friend already, you soon will be! Jason's driving, sense of humor, and enthusiasm for overlanding complete the package. I can't recommend them highly enough, and can't wait to do another trip with them again soon. I miss you guys!"
Ms R (Brighton)

2"Spending three weeks in Africa would not have been the same without the Amazing team and our tour guides Grace and Jason. Their local knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure that we experienced African life to the full without complication was extraordinary. These are people to trust and rely on. They love what they are doing and love knowing they are giving others an experience of a life time which is what we all reap to get visiting an amazingly breathtaking, yet mind opening country such as Africa. What Kupenda Africa offers is unique, giving you the satisfaction that the trip has been a success focusing on what is important to you.Overall they personally heightened my experiences which is why I couldn't recommend any other tour guide company in Africa, but Kupenda Africa."
Miss Catherine O 

3What can I say! Grace and Jason, two unbelievable people who will go to any lengths to make your trip worthwhile and unique. Jason's fantastic whit and Grace's mother like ways really do make you feel at home. You are guaranteed a fantastic and unforgettable trip. Kupenda Africa, Kupenda Grace and Jason!
Tom (UK)

4Having travelled extensively throughout Kenya and Tanzania, and with the experience of leading several student groups from the U.K. on three-week overland trips in these two countries, it was a major breakthrough for me when Jason and Grace took over one of my trips in 2007. Since then I would not consider using anyone else to be in charge of my arrangements in Africa, and I have just returned from another three weeks with them where my group of 24 students had another 'experience of a lifetime'.

5The care and friendship offered by Jason and Grace is now legendary with my students, and from the perspective of a Deputy Head Teacher at a large comprehensive school, the safety and well-being of my students throughout was never ever compromised. Jason and Grace stop at nothing to make the experience truly amazing and potentially life-changing for my students, and many of them have since returned to Kenya and Tanzania either as temporary teachers, wildlife park rangers, or simply on another of the expeditions that Jason and Grace have organised.

6Jason and Grace have taken me and my colleagues personally into the Kibera Slum, they have sat in their truck with us as we were literally surrounded by a large pride of lions in Tarangire, they have joined in with us as we have taught lessons in local schools, they have helped us in providing sponsored secondary education for pupils in the Meserani district of Tanzania, and they have made Africa come alive for us every time we go there. Their contacts and their local knowledge are invaluable, and have got us out of many 'scrapes'. Quite simply, I would not consider taking groups of students to Africa unless Jason and Grace were looking after us.
Peter Swan. Deputy Head Teacher, Acklam Grange School, Middlesbrough.

7Loved every moment of this trip it was one of the best times of my life. The experience was unreal and the guides were legends. Kupenda Africa forever. Abi

8"Thank you for such a wonderful trip. It was truly amazing and i would recommend you everytime."

9'I had an amazing trip with Grace and Jason, the tour took us to see the local Africa as well as the big sights, which is just what I wanted. Even the food on a budget was great and locally bought - thanks Grace and Jason for giving me a memorable time in Kenya and Uganda! - Gina

10"Jason and Grace are two absolutely wonderful people, i spent 3 weeks in Africa with them recently and i had an amazing time. They planned everything to perfection and i saw so many unbelievable sights, they are the perfect team. i'll definitely be visiting africa with them again sometime."

11The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Very approachable about anything! They make decisions which benefit the customers, regardless of the situation it puts them into. Overall top notch! Will defiantly be travelling with them again! James