Jason and Grace

After travelling extensively around Africa and falling in love with it and its people, Grace and Jason decided to do something that would help the children...

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Impeccable Service

We really try to make the experience what you want, if you want purely wildlife safaris or more cultural we can accommodate...

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Families & Groups

This is a great way for friends & families to explore Africa together either travelling in our 24 to 28 seat Safari overland trucks or 4x4s vehicles...

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The Kupenda Africa Mission?

Grace - Kupenda Africa
Grace | Co-Director
Kupenda Africa

Jason - Kupenda Africa

Jason | Co-Director
Kupenda Africa

To be a leader in responsible tourism in Africa and to provide a service that can give people the best possible experience in the time they have

We really try to make the experience what you want, if you want purely wildlife safaris or more cultural we can accommodate. If you want some time alone now and again to shop or just relax then no problem, we are always there whether in the background or beside you enjoying the experience. We are always there ready to assist whenever you need us. Whether you are a single person, couple, family, friends, club, school, charity, college, university or company we will try our best.

We know very well our best advertising is a happy customer and that's exactly what we aim for.


How we Accomplish our Mission!

  • Grace and/or Jason Personally oversee trips making sure you are getting exactly what you expect at all times.
  • Supporting the areas we visit by resourcing food and services locally whilst on tour.
  • Having a relaxed friendly personal attitude, and providing support whenever and where ever its required.
  • Listening to what our customers want and getting as much information as possible so we can provide a quality service.Kupenda Africa Video

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      Our Tel Number: +254-788-360581
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Latest customer comment:

from: James
The Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Very approachable about anything! The make the decisions which benefit the customers, regardless of the situation it puts them into. Overall Top Notch! Will defiantly be travelling with them again.

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